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About Us

Welcome to Bring Back Civility! We're glad you are here!

You might be asking yourself, why “Bring Back Civility” or it may be perfectly obvious.  Either way, let me tell you how I got here.

My family and I live in a small city in Alaska that is pretty quiet when we don’t have a million or more cruise ship passengers visiting.  In fact, it's those same cruise ship docks that I was trying to get my “10,000 steps” in and burn off some pent up pandemic energy.  During my daily walks I would listen to various news programs and podcasts regarding the state of the world.  Frankly, it could be a little depressing. 

For my entire life I have been fortunate to have been surrounded by good, civil, respectful and hardworking people. I grew up in a rural area of Wisconsin, where my grandparents were retired dairy farmers and I spent 8 years in the Wisconsin Air National Guard. Here in Alaska, I work in the tourism industry, with a close knit group in a small community that works closely and collaboratively.  

Maybe it's because of where I have lived, but sometimes I feel sheltered by what’s going on in the lower 48.  It’s not like Alaska doesn't have issues that divide us - The Permanent Fund, oil company taxes, mining and more.  If we can be divided in our eclectic city, I understand how as the issues get bigger and more global, we can be divided everywhere.  But knowing all that, there is more to unite us than divide us, but sometimes that is hard to see.  

During one of my daily walks, I was listening to a local radio show where the topic was the Covid-19 pandemic. The conversation got a bit heated, when a caller asked a simple question “Why can’t we bring back civility?”   I thought really, why not?  I couldn't stop thinking about that simple concept, what if we did just bring back civility?  What would our communities look like if we were all just civil to each other?  It doesn’t mean we have to agree on everything, it just means be kind. Civility  allows us to disagree, but do it in an agreeable way.  It says more about us being united than divided.  It is sincere in its aim and needed.  I also think it is about time.  

It was that walk that led us to create the merchandise you see here.  We hope you wear it proudly.  Please make sure to tag us on social media and use the #BringBackCivility when you post.  Let’s make this idea spread.

So, welcome to the club!!  We hope you wear your “Bring Back Civility” gear proudly.  

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